East Lincolnshire Methodists

The Heart of the Community

thorpe-fendykesThorpe Fen Dykes Methodist Chapel
Thorpe Fen Dykes
Skegness PE24 4QH 

Sunday Service: 10.45am.  

Mr Keith Locke

Tel: 01754 229971  Mobile: 07407 111 370  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact via e-mail

Chris: 01754 830244

Church Life

Our Chapel is in a very sparsely populated, rural area. We have a varied age group, from 13 years to 80 plus. We usually have a congregation of 10 for an ordinary Sunday and at specials can sometimes have as many as 50. Through the year we support McMillan Cancer Research (September Coffee Morning). For a number of years we have had the Circuit Rogation Service, the Wainfleet Young Farmers have also had their carol service here (no plans as yet for this year).

The Chapel was opened in May 1923 and there have been Banham's worshipping here all that time and before, when the old Chapel was in the corner of our grass paddock, hence the name of our farm.In the Spring we have lots of daffodils flowering around the Chapel and Joe our youngest member keeps the grass cut and tidy.

Download this file (Rogation Flyer 2.pdf)TFD Rogation service[ ]105 kB

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