East Lincolnshire Methodists

The Heart of the Community

Our circuit newsletter is published quarterly and we try to tie this in with Circuit Meeting dates.  We aim to circulate it at the Circuit Meetings but this is not always possible.  The deadline for inclusion of articles/information/activities in the next edition is Monday 15th May 2017.  The theme for this Summer edition is open for articles of your choice.

Current and previous editions of the newsletter can be downloaded in PDF format below.  Note: the document is laid out for printing an A5 booklet.  Hence the page order may seem a little strange.  If you have a printer capable of 2-sided printing it should be possible to output your own booklet.

Download this file (Spring ELL.pubcompressed.pdf)East Lincs Link Spring 2018[ ]517 kB
Download this file (ELL Winter 2017.compressed.pdf)Winter 2017 ELL[ ]311 kB
Download this file (ELL Autumn 2017.compressed.pdf)Autumn 2017 ELL[Please find a copy below. Paper copies should be available following the Circuit Meeting on 14/9/17 in chapels. Please be aware that the printers have printed this incorrectly following the 'Faithwalkers' article thus omitting the safeguarding trainin]306 kB
Download this file (Summer 2017.compressed.pdf)Summer 2017[ ]313 kB
Download this file (Spring 2016 final.compressed (2).pdf)Spring 2016[ ]492 kB
Download this file (Summer 2016.compressed.pdf)Summer 2016[ ]285 kB
Download this file (E L L Autumn 2016.compressed.pdf)Autumn 2016[ ]441 kB
Download this file (ELL Winter 2016.compressed.pdf)Winter 2017[ ]291 kB
Download this file (Spring 2017 ELL.compressed.pdf)Spring 2017 ELL[ ]317 kB

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